Up Coming Guests

Tomas Ward And J'aime Le Thompson from the Band Scribble Victory Monday July 23 @ 8 am ET/1 pm UK
Phantom July 24th @ 12 pm ET
Paul Littlewood July 24th @ 4 pm ET/9 pm UK (Interview will Air Wed July 25th @ 8 am ET/1 pm UK)
Tia McGraff July 26th @ 9 am ET
The Silver Darlings July 26th @ 11 am ET/4 pm UK time
Big Dave and The 45s aka The Hot Links  July 26 @ 3 pm ET(Interview will Air July 27th @ 8 am ET)

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Chat Room

Chat Room Rules

General Rules for the Chat Room:

1. The chat room has a very strict profanity filter on it to ensure the conversations and discussions stay clean and PG. Please refrain from using Rasist and demening phrases towards other users. Violators will recieve just 1 warning, second time they will be banned for good.

2. When using the video streaming in the chat room please remain fully dressed. If there is parcial or full nudity users will be banned with out warning.

3. If for some reason Mistress Angie is not in the chat room, and one or both rules are broken by users, please email Mistress Angie right away so she can access chat logs and ban those users.


There is no age limit here in the chat room these rules are to keep the chat room safe and civil for all ages esp. children

And Banned Users are permanently banned as it bans your IP address so banned users cant log in under a different name or ever come back into the chat room so once a user is banned it cant be undone, So please Mind your "P's and Q's"

Use the form below to report chat room problems or to report a user