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 Join film critic Betty Jo Tucker, a confirmed movie addict, as she rants and raves about all things cinematic with co-host Jazz Shaw, producer Nikki Starr and noted movie critics – plus lots of fascinating film folks. 

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 The next Live Broadcasts are scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 11 at 4 p..m. Eastern Time and guests will be the filmmaker and cast members of CAKE:  A LOVE STORY. The next one is at our regular time on Tues., February 27 -- and guests are three film critics predicting the Oscar winners.

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November 1 - November 30

Stephen Simon: Bringing Back the Old Hollywood


During the entire month of November (2018), Movie Addict Headquarters is presenting an ON DEMAND interview with legendary producer Stephen Simon, whose acclaimed movies include Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come. During this vintage episode, Simon talks about uplifting films and his wonderful book Bringing Back the Old Hollywood. Simon’s other books are Spiritual Cinema and The Force Is With You, which explores over 70 movies that deal with such important topics as the nature of love, the meaning of life and death, the concept of time and space, and the visions of our future.

Listeners can hear this popular interview at any time during the month by clicking on the BlogTalkRadio link at the end of this article.

In addition to the Academy Award Winning What Dreams May Come (starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr.) and the classicSomewhere in Time (starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour), Simon produced All the Right Moves (starring Tom Cruise) and served as an executive producer on fan favorite Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (starring Keanu Reeves).

A veteran of many years in the movie business, Simon has also produced his share of non-spiritual movies, including Smokey and the Bandit, Murder by Death and Body of Evidence. Although he still loves what he calls "popcorn movies," he’s only interested now in making films with a core of inspiration or empowerment to them. To that end, he and Barnet Bain founded Metafilmics, the company responsible for What Dreams May Come (Oscar-winner for Best Visual Effects in 1999).

HOST:  Betty Jo Tucker

CO-HOST: Jazz Shaw

PRODUCER: Nikki Starr

Cake: A Love Story

About The Film

Cake: A Love Story is a short Film based on Betty Jo's Kindle E-Book "It Had To Be Us"

Estranged and divorced from each other for many years, a movie-obsessed film critic and an avid senior golfer struggle with demons from their past while trying to rediscover their lost love.

Starring:Richard Vernon, Debra Lord Cooke, George Bettinger
Runtime: 26 minutes

More Detailed Description:
Filmmaker Misha Zubarev and cast members discuss CAKE: A Love Story, the award-winning short film based on It Had To Be Us, a romantic memoir Betty Jo Tucker and her husband Larry wrote under the pen names of Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence. Zubarev, co-director/writer of the movie plans to reveal why he undertook this particular project and how the film differs from the book. Debra Lord Cooke and Richard Vernon, who play Elizabeth and Harry, have agreed to talk about what it was like bringing these characters to life on screen. Plus, George Bettinger and Nancy Lombardo, who portray Elizabeth’s friends, have been invited to join in the discussion. The film’s plot focuses on how two people rediscover their lost love after being divorced and estranged from each other for almost 20 years. Although this is a serious theme, the movie includes humor – and, of course, lots of romance!    


Short Film Awards

 CAKE: A Love Story earned First Place in the Short Film category at the NSAEN International Film Festival and an Award of Merit from IndieFest (for being “a notable artistic and technical production). It was also an Official Selection at the Toronto International Short Film Festival.  

IndieFest Award Of Merit