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Take advantage of the 502 Fallen Angel Radio Ad Space package. We will be honored to sell you some ad space right here on our website at a fair charge of $100 a month no matter how big or little the ad is, Just send us the proper HTLM code and we will place it on our site!!! You get more customers!! And we have an add on package as well, its our MP3 package in which you can purchase this to have you MP3 ready commercials air every 30 min day and night!! This add on package is only $40 extra.
When purchasing either package or both please send the codes and/or mp3s  to the owner at empress200933@gmail.com.
Don't have an MP3 ready commercial? No worries!!! We have you covered we will write a short script for you then send it to one of our Sub-contacted producers to be recorded for you.

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